Understanding The Concept Of Entry Tests And Job Tests

Here we will describe in concise manner the purpose of entry tests and job tests. Why they are conducted and in how in many ways these tests are conducted. Well these tests are basically used to evaluate a candidate for the job or admission in which he/she is appearing for the test. Most of the time these tests are in the form of written test. In some cases candidates or students are provided with the syllabus which they have to prepare for test. This syllabus is from their previous studies means if a candidate is appearing for the job test in which educational requirement is graduation then the tests will consists of question till the graduation level education. Same for intermediate and other degree requirement job tests.

While entry tests are for students seeking admissions in universities or colleges. The entry tests comprises of the question of previous studies of a student. These tests are used to check the ability of the student and how much they know about their earlier studies. Some tests comprises of different other tests not just written like physical, intelligence and medical tests etc.

Each test and each testing service has it’s own passing and evaluation criteria which is clearly mentioned in the advertisement. Most of the departments and educational institution hire different testing services to conduct these type of tests. Most of the job tests are merit based as the persons scoring highest marks in the test are called for the next step which is interview most of the times. The number of candidates called for the interview is always 70 percent more than the available job vacancies and in some cases this percentage may vary.

So the main purpose of these tests is to select the qualified candidates. In some tests your previous academic records do matter. But the main focus is on the test so one should prepare quite well for the test if he/she wants to pass the test and get the job. We hope that this has cleared your doubts and increased your knowledge to the great extent. If you have any question asks us through comment below.

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