Here is a complete guide that one must know before appearing for the PPSC (Punjab public service commission) test in 2021. PPSC is a kind of testing service but it lands directly under the Punjab government and it’s main responsibility is to select the candidates for government departments through a proper procedure. Which in most cases comprises of a written test and interview. PPSC is only responsible for selection of candidates only in Punjab government institutes and departments. As every province has their own public service commission for recuritement of candidates in a particular province government departments.

PPSC announces jobs through advertisements for different departments through newspapers and official site. In the advertisement everything is clearly mentioned like pay scale, job grade, age, educational requirement, test syllabus and much more. The first step for PPSC selection procedure is written test which the candidate has to pass to reach the interview. Only those candidates are called for the interview which passes the test and their marks lies on merit.

One of the most important exam that PPSC conducts is known as the PMS (Provincial Management Services Exam). The PMS Exam Purpose is to select candidates which can control and improve the directorate structure in the provinces of Pakistan. Each province has it’s own PMS exam. As PMS exam comprises of 12 papers of different subjects from which six subjects are compulsory and six are optional ones. If you would go through pms syllabus of any of the 12 subjects you will come to know how vast it is and why most students find PMS exam quite difficult.

PMS is not exactly same like the css exam but they have some similarities. PMS exam is difficult exam like CSS exam but the students which can pass the pms exam has a huge chance of passing the CSS exam. If you disagree with us it’s not a big deal share your disagreement in comment section.THANKS.

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